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Innovative technical solutions. MAE has been developing and supplying assembly presses for wheelsets of rail vehicles for over 50 years.. Whether you need to press wheels, brake discs or gearboxes, whether high-speed trains or streetcars, we have the right solution for you.

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Wheelset press RADS

Efficient mounting and dismounting of wheelsets

You want to assemble and disassemble wheelsets of rail vehicles? Our horizontally acting double-cylinder wheelset presses of the RADS series are the specialists for pressing wheelsets for rail vehicles.


  • High productivity due to fully automatic pressing process
  • Various loading and unloading concepts
  • High quality and productivity guarantee through individual, optimally matched accessories
  • Pressing tools, easily displaceable and mounted to be protected against soiling
  • High energy efficiency due to patented demand-controlled hydraulic system
  • Certified, particularly practice-oriented safety concept

Product details:

  • Pressing forces from 2,000 to 6,300 kN
  • Shaft lengths from 400 to 3,200 mm
  • Wheel diameter from 400 to 1,500 mm
  • Unit weights up to 8,000 kg

Small footprint – a big plus of the patented RADS wheelset presses. The innovative basic concept of the machine also offers you:

  • High stability due to compact monoblock stand concept
  • Trouble-free pressing on and off is possible thanks to the large basic tools mounted directly in the press stand – even for critical wheel sets with tight spaces
  • Very good ergonomics
  • Optimal accessibility of the toolroom

Different methods are used for pressing:

  • Conventional pressing
  • Pressing with high pressure support
  • Positioning against a fixed stop or free
  • Pressing cylindrical and conical seats

MAE wheelset presses are used to assemble, maintain or disassemble different types of wheelsets:

  • Trailing wheelsets with and without brake disc
  • Drive wheelsets for railcars
  • Wheelsets for locomotives with gearbox and/or with traction motor

From streetcars and high-speed trains to three-phase electric locomotives: wheelset presses from MAE are suitable for all wheelset designs.

Roland Rebig
Stellv. Vertriebsleiter / Deputy Head of Sales
Sascha Kreuziger
Vertriebsingenieur / Sales Engineer

RACOS - Software

Modern measurement and control technology

Process reliability, accuracy, user-friendliness; these are important characteristics of the measuring and control technology of a wheelset press. We addressed this issue at an early stage. Our solution: RACOS.
With this control computer and freely programmable measurement technology, we have set new standards. Standards that make your processes safer and more reliable.

  • Industrial PC A powerful industrial PC is the basis of the system and ensures smooth operation at all times.
  • Collecting process information All process information and encoder signals for positions and forces come together for an optimal process.
  • Freely programmable sequence RACOS controls the automatic motion sequence of all drives in the freely programmable sequence – from press cylinders to tool adjustment to loading technology.
  • Process data at a glance The large touchscreen LC display shows the process in detail and clearly and guarantees convenient and uncomplicated operation.
  • Microsoft Windows Comfortable and familiar Windows user interface, in which the operators quickly find their way around.
  • Optimally connectedAn Ethernet connection with interfaces for customer wheelset databases enables fast and smooth data export of the recorded wheelset data.
  • Remote maintenance Worldwide direct connection. MAE systems are connected to the MAE service via a network connection or via mobile data. Whether diagnosis or update: our experts can intervene directly.
  • Curve evaluation The central quality feature for the pressing process is the force-path course shown in real time on the display. Numerous different regulations and criteria must be taken into account worldwide – in addition to the specifications of the wheelset manufacturer. The RACOS system offers the possibility to execute the curve evaluation automatically by parameterizing required limit data in a particularly flexible way and by displaying data of important regulations directly as well.
  • Measuring head With the universal measuring device you can easily record all geometric data of the wheelset relevant for the pressing process. The axial positions of wheel and brake disks, gear components, shaft reference surfaces and seat diameters on the wheelset shaft are taken into account. You can measure axial and radial run-out of the shaft, wheels and brake disks while the wheelset is rotating. The measurement is carried out by tactile or laser measuring heads – depending on the task.

Roland Rebig
Stellv. Vertriebsleiter / Deputy Head of Sales
Sascha Kreuziger
Vertriebsingenieur / Sales Engineer

Did you know...

…that our wheelset presses only consume about as much electricity as a kettle?

The careful use of resources is more important today than ever before. We have therefore optimized our wheelset presses so that they consume significantly less electricity and hydraulic oil than comparable machines. This is how the acquisition of a MAE. wheelset press usually pays off after a very short time.

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Additional equipment

As individual as your requirements

Do you need special equipment, tools and services for your wheelset press? In addition, are you thinking about customized components? We will find the optimal solution for your needs; from special tools to customized software. Contact us.

Additional equipment at a glance:

An independent workstation should be available for pre-assembly of the wheel and brake discs. This increases ergonomics for your employees and thus also productivity: parallel to the pressing process, you can prepare the next wheelset. We offer two basic types of pre-assembly stands:

  • A simple version with a working stand.
  • A double pre-assembly stand where employees preload at one station while the second station can be loaded or unloaded at the same time.

We offer manually or automatically operated high-pressure pumps and associated hoses, as well as quick-change connection adapters for creating a pressurized oil dressing between the axle and wheel hub to support the press-off operation. Drip pans, optimized hose routing and a closed machine frame reduce contamination. It also reduces the risk of accidents and contamination.

The wheelset press is a standard product? This may be true. However, specific designs are required at the latest when designing the pressing and assembly tools required for your vehicle fleet. And even if you want to retrofit your press for additional wheelset types, no problem: we will gladly manufacture the necessary equipment, including assembly and commissioning.

  • Manual wheelset transport carriage
    The wheelset transport carriage can significantly improve the performance of the wheelset press by reducing non-productive time. It simplifies the handling of the wheelsets, especially when entering the press. Wheelsets with gearboxes can also be moved optimally in this way.
  • Wheelset manipulator MAE MoviS
    The MoviS wheelset manipulator can pick up complete wheelsets or axles from the floor or a pre-assembly stand, transport them to the wheelset press for the press application, and then deposit them in front of or behind the press. If desired, all movements can also be completely automated.
  • Heavy duty wheelset transport carriage MAE MoGiS
    The MoGiS heavy-duty wheelset transport carriage simplifies the handling of heavy wheelsets with a unit weight of up to 8 tons.
  • Overhead crane
    Do you want your wheelset press to be independent of the availability of your overhead crane? Use the bridge travelling crane tailored to your individual space conditions! Three individually or synchronously operated hoists transport wheelset shafts and wheel and brake discs to the preassembly stand. You can also pick up and set down complete wheel sets at any point.

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