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Whether it’s making crooked things straight again or joining things together, with our special machine tools we always have the right solution for you. Here you will find all information about our manual straightening presses, our automatic straightening machines, our wheelset assembly presses and much more.

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Hands on

Manual straightening presses

Straightening of deformed components is actually an undesirable work step. Therefore, investments are often not made and attempts are made to reduce warpage with simple jigs or to eliminate it through costly mechanical machining.

This is often uneconomical, even for small quantities. Here, an investment can quickly pay for itself, because our manual straightening presses guarantee precise and sensitive processing of your components with high repeatability, even with less experienced operators.

General properties

Pressing forces from 160 to 25,000 kN
Workpiece lengths from 30 to 20,000 mm
Part cross section from 3 to 900 mm
Unit weights from 5 grams to 20 tons
Alignment accuracy to less than 0.01 mm

Automatically in shape

Automatic levelers

Are you straightening short or long parts, round or profiled? Are you looking for the right machine for your straightening process?
We have two solution concepts: the automatic levelers of the M-AH and ASV series.

With these series you align your workpieces efficiently and precisely down to 0.01 mm.

General properties

Pressing forces from 15 to 25,000 kN
Workpiece lengths from 40 mm to 30 m
Part cross section from 2 to 800 mm Piece weights from 5 grams to 20 tons
Alignment accuracy up to 0.01 mm

Precise forces

Wheelset presses

Innovative technical solutions. For over 50 years, MAE has been developing and supplying assembly presses for rail vehicle wheelsets.
Whether high-speed trains or streetcars, we have the right solution.

General properties

Pressing forces from 2,000 to 6,300 kN Shaft lengths from 400 to 3,200 mm Wheel diameters from 400 to 1,500 mm Unit weights up to 8,000 kg

Trust is good, control is better.

Measuring machines

Your manufacturing process does not require straightening, but you still need reliable workpiece data for your process? Do you need to measure gear teeth during production? Then we have the right solution for you here, too, to ensure the quality of your workpieces in terms of concentricity, length and curvature: Measuring machines from MAE.

Power from the start

Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses are subjected to considerable loads in daily operation. We develop presses for a wide variety of applications that meet these high requirements. A wide range of machines with solid components. Our S and DS series with C and O frames and the VS four-column press are based on a modular system.
We will also find a solution optimally designed to your requirements for your individual task with pressing forces of up to 25,000 kN. We recombine individual assemblies or adapt them accordingly as required.