The company MAE

Innovative solutions, reliable quality – for decades.

Founded as a medium-sized family business, today we are the specialist for straightening machines and wheelset presses.

We are a manufacturer of innovative machines for various industries: from railroad technology to tool manufacturers and the automotive industry and its suppliers. We have been turning ideas into successful products and solutions for our customers since 1931.

Our history

Founded in 1931 by Gerhard Götzen as Maschinen-und Apparatebau GmbH Erkrath, MAE is now a renowned brand that stands for innovation, quality and reliability.

What is the development? What are current milestones? We would be happy to take you on a journey through time. Are you ready?

MAE Company Timeline

1 January 2014

Long-time companions

Pöting, Eitel, Müller-Weingarten: The road to MAE Group
Lesezeit ca. 5 Min.
1 January 1990

The courage to take risks

MAE. consolidates pioneering role through product innovations
Lesezeit ca. 7 Min.
1 January 1970

Progress in the niche

Production of the first automatic MAE. straightening machine
Lesezeit ca. 7 Min.
1 January 1950

Presses for the economic miracle

Oil hydraulics opens up new markets
Lesezeit ca. 5 Min.
6 August 1931

A difficult start, rapid growth

Foundation of Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH Erkrath
Lesezeit ca. 5 Min.