The company MAE

Innovative solutions, reliable quality – for decades.

Founded as a successful medium-sized family business, today we are the specialist for straightening machines and wheelset presses.

We are a manufacturer of innovative machines for various industries – from railroad technology to the production of tools and the automotive industry. We have been turning ideas into successful products and solutions for our customers since 1931.

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MAE History & Timeline

Founded in 1931 by Gerhard Götzen as Maschinen-und ApparatebauGmbH Erkrath, MAE is now a world-renowned brand that stands for innovation, quality and reliability.

Development? Milestones? We would be happy to take you on a journey through time. Are you ready?

1 January 2014

Long-time companions

Pöting, Eitel, Müller-Weingarten: The road to MAE Group
Reading Time ca. 5 Min.
1 January 1990

The courage to take risks

MAE. consolidates pioneering role through product innovations
Reading Time ca. 7 Min.
1 January 1970

Progress in the niche

Production of the first automatic MAE. straightening machine
Reading Time ca. 7 Min.
1 January 1950

Presses for the economic miracle

Oil hydraulics opens up new markets
Reading Time ca. 5 Min.
6 August 1931

A difficult start, rapid growth

Foundation of Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH Erkrath
Reading Time ca. 5 Min.

Human rights- and environmental risks

GESCO Group has established a complaint system to report potential violations of human rights and environmental standards by their companies or suppliers. This system, in line with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, aims to proactively address potential violations and initiate measures to prevent or minimize damage. Complaints can be submitted anonymously, ensuring data protection. The system is intended to support internal investigations and potential external inquiries.

Logo of GESCO Industrial Group

GESCO: Specialist for succession issues in medium-sized companies

As a long-term investor, GESCO AG acquires successful companies in the industrial SME sector. Since its foundation in 1989, GESCO has built up a strong group of “hidden champions”, market and technology leaders. In 1998, it went public and the GESCO share is listed in the Prime Standard.

GESCO’s activities are understood to be long-term and sustainable. In doing so, GESCO is continuing and further developing proven business models. The central task is to exploit growth potential and secure the Group’s long-term future viability. This creates added value for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and business partners of all kinds.