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Automatic straightening machines

Increasing quantities and thus also higher demands on cycle times or the lack of skilled personnel can make the automation of your production necessary. Whether manually loaded or fully automated, our automatic straightening machines fit seamlessly into your manufacturing process and support you on your way to even more efficient production. You can always rely on our flexible modular solutions. However, if required, we are also happy to support you in developing an individual solution.

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M-AH Automatic Straightening Machine

Our series with rotating ram plate

M-AH – the world’s first straightening machines with electromechanical drive continues to fascinate with its coherent overall concept. With our patented machine, you can straighten round and flat parts as well as workpieces with complex geometries precisely tailored to your application, and fully automated if desired.


  • Low energy consumption due to particularly low-inertia and dynamic cam drive and optimized lever ratio of the rotating slide plate
  • Maintenance-free bearings of the ram plate for trouble-free continuous operation
  • Increased operator safety and long-term backlash-free operation thanks to integrated counterweight
  • Cycle time-optimized integration into your production line due to straight-through workpiece flow due to wide-opening ram plate
  • Particularly compact and space-saving design

Product details:

  • Straightening forces from 2 to 1,600 kN
  • Workpiece lengths from 30 to 3,000 mm
  • Part cross-section from 2 to 300 mm
  • Straightening accuracy up to 0.01 mm

Automatic Straightening Machine ASV

Our series with movable press frame

Explicitly tailored to the requirements of long part manufacturers, we have launched our patented ASV series, a machine concept optimized for straightening long and slim components. Whether guide rails, piston rods or oil field tubes, our ASV offers the right straightening strategy for every type of workpiece. And so we can proudly claim to have the largest straightening machine in the world in our product range with our ASV series.


  • Low energy consumption and maintenance due to patented hydraulic concept
  • Fast changeover with minimum effort thanks to proven continuous straightening process
  • Low space requirement due to moving frame concept
  • Particularly robust design for use in demanding environments
  • Economical even with small batch sizes

Product details:

  • Straightening forces from 400 to 40,000 kN
  • Workpiece lengths from 300 to 30,000 mm
  • Part cross-sections from 15 to 800 mm
  • Straightening accuracy up to 0.01 mm

Did you know...

…that we also offer our machines with the appropriate conveying systems?

The straightening process itself is one thing, the question of how the workpieces enter and leave the straightening machine is another. In addition to manual loading and unloading, we offer conveying systems for our straightening machines tailored to your needs. Just contact us.

Automatic Straightening Machine M-ASRU

Our series for straightening spatially shaped parts

Components do not always require one-dimensional straightening operations to correct run-out. Particularly with complex components such as welded or cast parts, multidimensional corrections may be necessary to achieve the desired result. With our M-ASRU series, we offer a machine concept for straightening spatially shaped parts. We use modular standard machine components, but without losing the necessary flexibility for individual adaptation to your straightening task.


  • Straightening in three dimensions due to variable straightening arrangement
  • High cost-effectiveness through use of standard machine components
  • Individual adaptation to the respective straightening task

Product details:

  • Straightening forces up to 1,000 kN
  • Workpiece lengths up to 2,000 mm
  • Straightening accuracy up to 0.05 mm

RICOS - Software

Our powerful straightening measurement control

The straightening computer is the brain of our automatic straightening machines and therefore of crucial importance for the performance of these systems. Even as a standard configuration, our RICOS straightening control is impressive. MAE systems have a powerful computer architecture with separate processors for straightening sequence and visualization, as well as a field bus connection between machine and PLC. With the large-surface TFT touch display and the Windows user interface, you enjoy optimum ergonomics when operating our automatic straightening machines.

  • Self-learning stroke depth control
    Optimize cycle time and number of strokes, minimize workpiece load, compensate for tool wear: With RICOS, you control your straightening process exactly as you want it.
  • Any configurable straightening sequence
    With pre- and finish-straightening functions. They are directed either in relation to the total length or to individual sections.
  • Freely selectable reference base
    You have the choice: either align relative to the peaks or to two selected base measurement points.
  • Batch statistics
    In addition to the standard workpiece statistics, would you like to receive a specific evaluation of individual batches? RICOS provides you with the statistics you need. Curvature data are presented in histograms and tables. You can monitor the workpiece quality before and after the straightening process in detail.
  • Remote maintenance
    A direct line worldwide. MAE systems – specifically: straightening control, drive system and PLC – are connected to the MAE service via a network connection or via mobile data. Whether diagnosis or update: our experts can intervene directly.
  • Automatic measuring equipment capability test
    The accuracy of the measuring equipment used in straightening machines must be verified regularly; this is the only way to ensure process capability. RICOS automatically performs the series of measurements required for the measurement equipment capability test with all motion sequences and documents the results in accordance with the specifications of the automotive industry.
  • Determine shape defects
    1,000 measured values per revolution, at all touchpoints: Shape defects such as ovality or surface roughness are reliably detected. They are calculated, checked for compliance with the tolerance and mathematically separated from run-out errors.
  • Vector straightening – avoid cracks
    You want your workpiece to deflect only selectively at the measuring points? In case of sensitive components, this can already lead to cracks. RICOS reduces the crack rate: By axially moving the straightening hammer or twisting the workpiece, RICOS uses additional areas for plastic deformation.
  • Impact compensation for centre points (ZSK)
    Run-out caused by the part of the centre point actively dipping into the workpiece? Not with RICOS. The control system uses a patented process (ZSK) to detect and compensate for these errors. With two reference probes on the tips, wear is largely compensated.
  • Varius: the variable straightening strategy
    Varius stands for the variable straightening strategy with universal stress profile. This increases performance and accuracy even further. Varius responds optimally to all curvatures encountered in practice. The straightening strategy combines full-length contour straightening with the familiar three-point and innovative four-point straightening.
  • Pressure straightening
    In addition to the usual bending straightening process, RICOS is also suitable for the pressure straightening process. This allows you to efficiently straighten through-hardened or crack-sensitive components.
  • Profile straightening
    Straighten round or completely or partially profiled parts? In one and the same machine? Easily possible with the RICOS control system!
  • Interactive straightening
    RICOS works “far-sightedly”: The control system also takes into account the position and direction of neighbouring impact vectors when calculating the stroke. The result: reduced cycle times, less unnecessary stress.
  • Data export
    ASCII files, Microsoft Excel®, QS-stat® or an Ethernet link: RICOS transfers quality workpiece data in various formats to higher-level computer systems.

Straightening machine comparison

Ansicht der automatischen Richtmaschine M-AH von MAE
Ansicht aufgebaute ASV Richtmaschine
Ansicht der ASRU - eine automatische Richtmaschine von MAE
Straightening forces
from 2 to 1,600 kN
from 400 to 40.000 kN
up to 1,000 kN
Workpiece lengths
from 30 to 3,000 mm
from 300 to 30,000 mm
up to 2,000 mm
Parts cross-sections
from 2 to 300 mm
from 15 to 800 mm
Straightening accuracy
up to 0.01 mm
0.01 mm
up to 0.05 mm

Nothing to straighten?

We also build machines for pressing wheelsets!

With our wheelset assembly presses, the pressing on and off of wheels, brake discs and gears is carried out efficiently, reliably and safely. Interested? Then you have come to the right place: